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Procure to Pay - Inventory Details

Business Area-Stock [MC.H]

Consignment return [MB5B]

Material Canceled [MBSM]

Material reservation [MB24]

Material shelf life [MB5M]

Stock posting date [MB5B]

Warehouse stock material [MB52]

Inventory Turnover - MC44 

Material Stock [MC.9] 

Material analysis - receipts / issues -Selection [MC.A] 

Material analysis - range of coverage [MC.C] 

Material analysis - inventory turnover [MC.B] 

Material ABC analysis [MC40]

Material ranking [MC41]

Material documents [MB51]

Material accounting documents [MR51]

Material reservations [MB24]

Material purchase order [ME2M]

Material stock values [MC48]

Material avarage stock values [MC49]

Material dead stock [MC50]

Slow moving stock [MC46]

Key figure requirements [MC47]

Inventory turnover [MC44]

Inventory-Days of coverage [MC42]

Inventory-Coverage requirements [MC43]

Inventory-Consumption usage [MC45]

Plant stock evaluation [MCBV]

Plant stock [MC.1]

Storage location -batch [MCBR]

Storage location [MC.5]

Material quantity flows [MCLD]

Material movement type [MCLH]

Material stock placements + removal type [MCL9]

Material stock quantity flows [MCL5]

Material stock - Placement & removals [MCL1]